Tips for Making Your Rental Apartment Feel Like a Home

When you move into a rental apartment, it’s easy to feel like you’re living in someone else’s space. However, with a little creativity and a personal touch, you can transform your rental apartment into a warm and inviting home. At Harbour Point Gardens, we understand the importance of creating a space that feels like your own, and we’re here to provide you with some tips to make your rental apartment feel like a true home.

Start with a Clean Slate

Before you begin personalizing your apartment, it’s essential to start with a clean and clutter-free space. Clean every nook and cranny and declutter by getting rid of items you no longer need. This will give you a fresh canvas to work with.

Add a Splash of Color

Most rental apartments come with neutral or bland paint colors. Add your personality to the space by using removable wallpaper or wall decals. These can be easily applied and removed without damaging the walls. Choose colors that resonate with you, and you’ll instantly change the mood of your apartment.

Invest in Furniture You Love

While it might be tempting to buy cheap, disposable furniture for a rental, investing in a few quality pieces that you love can make a significant difference. Look for versatile, timeless pieces that can work in various settings, and that you can take with you when you move.

Personalize with Art and Decor

Artwork and decor are a great way to express your personality. Hang up your favorite paintings, photographs, and posters. Decorate with items that have sentimental value to you. You can use removable adhesive hooks and wall putty to hang things without damaging the walls.

Upgrade Lighting

Good lighting can significantly impact the ambiance of your apartment. Consider adding floor lamps, table lamps, or string lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can also swap out plain light fixtures for something more stylish and unique.

Green It Up

Plants and greenery can breathe life into any space. They not only add a natural touch but also help purify the air. Choose low-maintenance indoor plants like succulents or snake plants that are easy to care for, even in a busy urban environment.

Incorporate Personal Touches

Adding personal touches, such as family photos, mementos, and personal collections, can make your apartment feel like it truly belongs to you. Display items that make you happy and bring back fond memories.

Personalize the Kitchen and Bathroom

Although you may not have the option to change the fixtures or appliances in your rental, you can still personalize the kitchen and bathroom. Add decorative kitchen towels, a colorful shower curtain, and coordinating accessories to make these areas feel like they belong to you.


Incorporating these tips will help you turn your rental apartment at Harbour Point Gardens into a place you genuinely call home. Remember, the key is to infuse your personality, preferences, and style into the space. With a little effort and creativity, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that welcomes you every time you walk through the door. At Harbour Point Gardens, we’re here to support you in making your rental apartment a true reflection of you and your unique lifestyle. Contact us to learn more!

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